Georgie has worked in the fitness industry for over 23 years as a personal trainer, a trainer of trainer and a fitness instructor of several on land and in water classes. She has managed over 7 fitness facilities across Canada and worked from Alberta to Nova Scotia in over 13 fitness facilities teaching classes from boot camp to pre- post natal and everything in between.

Georgie also worked for over 8 years with high risk teens and young adults as a councilor and has a BA degree in philosophy and psychology.

Along with her extensive fitness background and her experience with counseling, she also has a great knowledge of nutrition. Georgie has celiac disease and has learned to modify her diet appropriately to maintain muscle and stay healthy.

With her extensive knowledge and years of experience in the fitness industry, her years of experience counseling, and her personal experience with nutrition, you can be sure to receive the best experience for yourself and your weight loss journey .

She is very excited to be able to offer this very personalized weight loss service to all of you.

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