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Meet Our Team

Dr. Ken Chisholm

Dr. Ken Chisholm has a passion for helping people feel better and look their best. In his anesthesia practice at Capital Health, Nova Scotia, he helps people dealing with acute and chronic pain, and is also a trauma team leader. For the past ten years, he has been providing medical cosmetic services such as Botox®, filler, and other injectables at many spas around Nova Scotia. Dr. Chisholm opened Spring Garden Cosmetic in 2009 to provide clients with a private, safe, and professional environment delivering only the highest calibre of services and products.

Melissa Aucoin

Melissa Aucoin’s career has taken her on a tremendous journey. She has expanded her knowledge to become a Master Clinical Esthetician and Laser Technician. In the past 13 years Melissa has traveled across North America furthering her education and is now an educator/ trainer herself. Melissa’s in depth understanding of all skin types and her great care for client confidentiality ensures her clients get the best possible results. 

Lesley Melnick

Lesley Melnick has been in the esthetic industry for over 20 years. Lesley is a Master Clinical Esthetician. She started her education in Barrie, Ontario and continued with her career in Nova Scotia in 2006. She has been an Esthetic Educator and also a Rep For skin care. Lesley has a passion for skin care and helping people achieve their skin care goals. 

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